Above: Ernest "Ernie" the Echidna, the Libertarian Party's mascot


We stand on the shoulders of giants.
The platform of the Libertarian Party (Australia) was initially developed by the Workers Party. We’d like to thank Bob Howard for his essay which has acted as a guiding light for the enhancements made in building the Libertarian Party’s current platform
Since the development of the original platform in 1975, many notable thinkers have continued to build upon libertarian philosophy. These works have inspired many updates, sometimes taking ideas word-for-word. We will provide an extensive list of references in the not-too-distant future, serving not only as a means to give appropriate credit, but as an educational resource.
The Libertarian Party Strategy is based on the “Ten Points” from the United States Libertarian Party’s Rothbard Caucus. The original can be found here. These were successfully implemented by Dr. Ron Paul in his Campaign for Liberty.
While gold and black are internationally recognised as the colours of libertarian activism, our branding and colours are based on the United States Libertarian Party. You can see their branding here
Thank youThere are many that have already assisted in building the Libertarian Party of Australia, and in due course we will name them. However, we’d like to thank Benjamin Marks for his excellent work in preserving the works of the Workers Party and documenting Australian libertarian history. Ben’s work is very underappreciated. Visit to see it for yourself.
We're still under developmentThere will be more to come. Stay tuned. Please register your interest using the button below.